Kitty Tails

My name is Wardah but you can call me Divakitty, I'm an exotic American short hair. I will be blogging with out any help from meowmy so please excuess all grammer and spelling mistakes cuz I'm just mmmm eeer a lill puddy tat.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Tooth Fairy Didn't Came Too Visit!

All evening yestday I whinned and was being a nag bag. Meowmy and Yo'ba had to pick me up give me a cuddle and say soothing words too me alot.
As meowmy was getting ready to go to deb I jump in with her and snuggled inbetween the pawparents my favourite place in the whole world. I tried too sleep but I couldn't I meowed and meowmy patted and skratchd me , I jumped off and went under the ped.

When Meowmy was just about too sleep I lunched a surprise attach on her nose then hands. Meowmy gave me a scolding saying it's no time to play and I should try and get some sleep. Off course I didn't listen any time is play time and carried on with my game. Meowmy has to switch on the bed side lamp too see whats wrong . just as she looked at me something fell on the bed. On closer inspection Meowmy discovered it was my tooth. Lordy Lord Meowmy was freeking out thinking our rough housing knocked my tooth off. I on the other hand couldn't have felt better and snuggled up next to yo'ba and went to sleep.

Meowmy woke yo' ba up and showed him my tooth. Yo'ba called the vet on his emergency number. It was 6:00am in the morning and the vet was fast asleep. The kind vet took yo'ba's call and assured him not too worry . He said its only my milk teeth falling out and I will grow my permanent ones soon, also there was no need to bring me in. He told the pawrents to watch for any signs of infections.

I am still abit clingy to Meowmy but I feel good today except Idont want to eat that much and abit disappointed. I left my tooth under yo'ba's pillow but the Tooth fairy didn't leave me any mousies.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Hello kitties!

I''m a 5 mnth ol American short hair kitty and I'm the apple of my meowmmy's eyes. I came to live with my meowmmy and yo'ba just 3mnths ago. My meowmmy often says she can't remember life with out me cuz I filled my pawrents home and life with so much of love and mischief.

I came to live with my forever pawrents when a lille kitty that adopted meommy crossed the bridge. The kitty stayed with the pawrents for a month then she was sick and needed sum kind of operation but it didn't work and she crossed over. she was only about 1.3 mnths old and meowmmy was devastated what ever that word means.

In order to cheer meowmmy up yo'ba went to a breeder and picked me over my brotfur. meowmmy was hurting very badly and needed a few days to allow herself to completly fall in love with me. My yo'ba did not like cat alot and he allowed me cuz he loves meowmmy alot and he would do any thing to make her happy. Needless to say both the pawrents are head over heels in love with me now. I am theire baby gurl and I get showered with more then my fair share of keeses and treats.